What to do if your child is being investigated by the Police

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PSA…Recently it seems like the police are bored and have begun investigating teenagers a lot. I have gotten numerous calls from people AFTER they let their children (I’m including 18 and 19 yo too) talk to police without consulting a lawyer. Even if your kid did nothing wrong, talking to the police is dangerous. I got a call today where a woman gave permission to search her son’s phone. You can see how that is a terrible idea I hope. The police aren’t there to help you or your kid. Be smart. Call a lawyer. At least try to get some advice.
I hope you also know that the idea that a quick confession will “help you” is not true hardly ever. Most likely your kid will get charged with a crime and their life will be ruined. At least talk to a lawyer before you do something you regret.
Lastly, the idea that kids should own up to their actions is admirable. Destroying their lives is not always the best way to show them personal responsibility.
Be smarter in all your interactions with the police. You have the right to a lawyer for a reason and they really don’t want you to call one.


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