Joe Is A Pro and Kind Too!

If this don’t sell you on Joe Horowitz, I don’t know what will. I was stuck in the county jail on a detainer. Joe would stop through pretty frequently to update me on my case. One day I get called for an attorney visit. I go in, and i ask Joe, what’s up is there some news on my case. Joe says, no, he was just in the area and checking to see if I was all right. Anyone who has been to jail knows how hard it is to get a hold of their lawyer, let alone a visit, let alone just to say hi. Not only that hes a great guy, but he saved my freedom, and has been fighting cases for me and anyone I’ve referred him with such tenacity that we affectionately dubbed him Joe “the Pitbull” Horowitz. – Russell Lehrman

Joe is a very dedicated attorney

Joe is a very dedicated attorney who really cares about his client’s and their families! Highly recommend him to anyone who wants only the absolute best representation!! Gwili Zakutney, Carnegie, PA