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Have you been arrested for DUI in Washington County?

Are you facing a DUI? Need legal advice or assistance to navigate through the legal mess of criminal charges? Operating a motor vehicle in Pennsylvania with a blood alcohol concentration level (BAC) of 0.08% or higher can be charged with driving under the influence.

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The DUI Charge

Law enforcement officials must have reasonable suspicion to arrest a motorist of driving under the influence, which is why they conduct field sobriety tests. By failing or refusing a field sobriety test, you may be legally placed under arrest and must submit to a chemical test to measure your BAC. In addition, the arresting officer will take note of your speech, statements, mannerisms, and behavior throughout the incident, all of which can and will be used against you in criminal process.

There are two common tests used to verify BAC. The breath test, or “breathalyzer”, is most widely used by law enforcement officers; it uses fuel cell technology to detect the presence of alcohol in a breath sample. Drivers that produce breath tests of 0.08% or higher can be charged with DUI. Even blowing a lower number, such as 0.06%, can result in a DUI charge if the law enforcement officer believes that alcohol impaired driving abilities. Refusing a breath test can lead to an additional one year license suspension.**

Experience on your side

Knowing your rights and responsibilities makes a DUI charge less frightening. An experienced DUI lawyer will look for any reason to throw out the evidence and reduce or acquit the defendant of penalties.

Hire a lawyer with experience in successfully navigating DUI charges in Washington County.  I have results that include about everything from dismissing charges to working with convicted drivers to restore driving privileges.

Attorney Joseph Horowitz serves the Washington County region to help drivers understand their rights and receive proper defense in the court of law. If you’ve been arrested for DUI in Washington County, call Joe Horowitz at (412) 406-6082 to request a consultation and develop your defense strategy.

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It is important to keep in mind that when you are arrested and charged with drunk driving, you can face serious consequences:

  • First Offense (For BAC .08 – .09%)
    • Fines – $300
    • Jail Time – Not minimum jail time
  • Second Offense
    • Fines – $300 – $2,500
    • License Suspension – 12 months
    • Jail Time – 5 days to 6 months
  • Third Offense
  • Fines – $500 – $5,000
  • License Suspension – 12 months
  • Jail Time – 10 days to 2 years

Pennsylvania has a series of penalty tiers, depending on the driver’s BAC. The tiers are .08-.10, .10-.159, and .160 and higher. Fines, suspensions and jail time increase along with the BAC.

Defense attorneys will look for ways to challenge every step of the DUI arrest. There may have been errors with breath tests or blood tests. For example, the breath test device may not have been calibrated correctly or the blood test may have been mishandled. Any error in the sample test can result in **inadmissible evidence. Or, the arresting officer improperly conducted a field sobriety test.

Pulled Over For DUI In Pittsburgh?

You may think that once you are arrested on DUI charges in Pennsylvania you are all-but-guaranteed to be convicted. However, the reality is that some people have their DUI charges dismissed, or at the very at least reduced. If you choose to hire a criminal defense attorney to help you, you may be able to use one or more of the following defenses to fight the charges against you.

Many of the most common DUI defenses relate to the legality of the traffic stop and arrest. A DUI arrest generally starts with an officer stopping a vehicle for a traffic violation. However, in some cases, the officer did not have probable cause to make that initial traffic stop, therefore making the ensuing arrest unlawful.

Even if the initial stop was legal, the arrest may not have been. Generally, if an officer notices signs of drunk driving, the officer may ask the driver to submit to a breathalyzer test and to perform various field sobriety tests. However, many officers fail to properly administer these tests, therefore making the results invalid. For example, if an officer administering the breathalyzer test was not properly trained to do so or if the device was not properly calibrated before use, the results of the test could be inaccurate. Another common issue is that indigestion, vomiting and a variety of other factors could also affect the results. If the officer asks the driver to submit to a blood test, the sample may have been mishandled at some point in the chain of custody or the test itself may have been tampered with.

Another common defense relates to the fact that the driver’s blood alcohol level could have increased between the time the driver was stopped and time the breath test was given. A DUI arrest does not necessarily mean you will be convicted. A criminal defense attorney can review the specifics of your case and attempt to help determine which defenses will work best for you.


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In Pittsburgh and under Pennsylvania law, controlled substances are illegal, and it is illegal to possess them, or participate in their cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution.

Controlled substances are any item, not just drugs, whose manufacturing, distribution, and possession are regulated by the government. An individual can be charged with drug offenses if there is reasonable evidence that the individual knowingly and intentionally possessed or participated in manufacture or distribution.

Substances are organized under a set of classifications, which categorize them based on potential for abuse. Depending on the type of substance and the amount in possession, penalties can vary from probation to prison sentences and hefty fines.

If you’ve been charged with any sort of drug offense in the Pittsburgh area, Joseph Horowitz is an experienced criminal defense lawyer that can work with you to provide effective counsel in your case. If you have questions or need help with a drug offense case, contact Joseph Horowitz at (412) 276-5896 to request a consultation.

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