About Joseph Horowitz

Currently steering the helm of my own law firm, my legal expertise spans the terrain of criminal defense, family law, and personal injury law. My journey began as an Assistant District Attorney in Allegheny County, an arduous tenure that extended over nearly a decade. As a narcotics prosecutor, I skillfully navigated the intricate web of complex narcotics cases, continually testing my mettle in the courtroom. I also managed the Drug Court, adding a feather to my cap of experience.

The tactical acumen I developed as a prosecutor now forms the backbone of my defense strategy for my clients embroiled in criminal charges. I bring to the table personalized attention, a history of numerous victories in jury and non-jury trials, and a fierce commitment to securing the best possible outcome for each client. DUI charges, drug offenses, traffic violations, robbery – no case is too challenging, no client less important.

Transitioning from the District Attorney’s office, I’ve successfully parlayed my learned skills into family court representation. Understandably, issues such as child custody, PFA’s, and child support can stir a whirlwind of stress. My clients find in me the same fiery representation that I offer to my criminal clients, coupled with a genuine intent to shield their rights. They know they have enlisted a relentless advocate who will spare no effort in their cause.

Moreover, my practice extends its protective umbrella to victims of personal injury due to others’ negligence. Building on the invaluable experience gained during my early legal career with my father, I now offer superior legal representation to personal injury clients at my own firm. Unlike larger firms, I ensure your case is never lost in the crowd. I consciously limit my caseload, ensuring each client receives the focused attention they are entitled to. My relentless pursuit of justice includes extracting every dollar from insurance companies, and compensating my clients for their endured pain and suffering.

Outside the courtrooms, I devote my energies to my community as the re-elected President of the Board of Commissioners in South Fayette Township, now serving my second term. Simultaneously, I proudly wear the hat of a father to three active boys engaged in sports and academics in South Fayette. Balancing these vital aspects of my life – family, civic duties, and law practice – fuels my drive to serve my clients better. You can count on having a dedicated attorney with ample time and an earnest desire to focus solely on you and your concerns.

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